Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pics of my brood

Not all of these pics are recent, but I wanted to get some up in order to introduce ourselves.

This is Hector. He's in 6th grade band and plays the Euphonium. He's also learning to play the guitar. He's very artistic as well. He puts my drawing to shame (easy to do).

This is Juanito at husband's uncle's house in Mexico.

Miguelito was my husband's grandmother's favorite triplet. This pic was taken at Thanksgiving in 2009. Date stamp is wrong. She passed away March 17 while we were in Mexico visiting her. We will miss her.

Juanito and his favorite grandpa (my father-in-law).

Yessi on her birthday. Not a very good pic. I will try to post another soon.

Juanito with my niece Lindsey.

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